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Anaesthesia Diary is an album born from a desire to explore long form song structures that moved beyond the confines of the standard compact disk (whilst retaining a physical format).

Four tracks unfolding at just under 8 hours in length across 2 audio DVDs, at 24bit audio quality, the album is a reaction to the short attention span habits of modern music consumption. The album is intended as a contemplative experience that requires dedicated time and patience from the listener.

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Five remixes and reworkings of material from our “KPLC5” LP, expertly crafted by Simon Fisher Turner, Seamus Fogarty, Squirrels, Elizabeth Roach and English Bore. Consider them a third side to the original album.

Hand of Stabs – Aktion V: Cucula Vibration

Hand of Stabs will be performing Aktion V: Cucula Vibration at: TQ 69639 67405 x:569639 y:167405 lat: 51.380346 long: 0.43653984. At 12 noon on Sunday 21st October.

For those not familiar with these unique live events, the figures above are the geographic location of the performance, and that’s all the help you get.

“It would be advisable to wear a stout pair of boots in case of wet, slippery and muddy conditions and also some warm clothing as there will be a drop in temperature as we enter the site.”

We will be making a recording of one the previous Aktion performances available for download soon.

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welcome to the new Black Palace site. We’re going for a new blog style format one this page, with link above to Artists information, Release information and a general section about what we’re doing. It will updated and developed as we go along, so keep checking back.


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